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“Punishment in Dog Training shows the trainers inadequacy, not the dogs”
– Ian Dunbar, DVM

Pawsitively Pets Dog Training practices modern, dog friendly training methods based on the latest findings in learning theory and behavioral science. All methods are force free and fun for pet and owner alike. We continue to study and train ourselves, and take seminars around the country from top trainers and behaviorists to keep up on the latest dog training and behavior modification techniques.

We specialize in training companion dogs, and preventing future problems with our proactive puppy programs, as well as our success with working with serious behavior problems such as fear, aggression and reactivity. We have turned even the most wild dogs (including our own “death row” rescues) into dogs you can walk enjoyably in your neighborhood! Our dog training methods are designed to build the communication between you and build the bond between you and your dog.

Let us help you:

  • Stop your strong dog from pulling you down the street
  • Train your dog to eliminate in the right spot
  • Stop your dog from jumping on people
  • Whatever the problem, Pawsitively Pets Dog Training can help you

We have a number of exciting training programs and packages available:

dog training miami fort lauderdale puppy-paws

Puppy paws
– Get your pup out on the right paw! Puppy Paws is designed to stop bad behaviors before they start, and provide a foundation for a friendly well adjusted dog. Lessons include housebreaking, nipping, chewing, socialization and basic control behaviors.

dog training miami fort lauderdale  basic-o

Basic O
– Training for pets 6 months and up. Includes loose leash walking, sit, down and stays, leave it, drop it, Come, go to your bed, and common problems.

dog training miami fort lauderdale good-citizen

Good Citizen
– Expanding on Basic O, this class will strengthen the basics in real life situations and work on personal stumbling blocks

dog training miami fort lauderdale behaviour-mod

Behavior Modification
– Helping dogs who have picked up bad habits or exhibit undesirable behaviors such as separation anxiety, fear and phobias, aggression and reactivity

dog training miami fort lauderdale  welness-hours

Wellness hours
– No time to work with your dog? From tricks to walking on leash, let us work with your pet alone for an hour of physical and mental stimulation.
dog training miami fort lauderdale clicker-training
Clicker training
– Clicker training is a super fun and fast way of teaching tricks, new behaviors and extinguishing bad behaviors. It can be taught and used with any class we offer, or not! It is entirely up to you.

Private in-home lessons and groups classes are available.

Still have questions about our training services? Contact us! We love what we do and are happy to talk to you!


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